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Alot of people in #TeamMindless make Stories about MB...

So I'm deciding Post them Up on this Site!
If you got Any E-mail me @lilcutefaceis@hotmail.com

HERE NOW !! Check this short story out!!

@NerdiliciousMee's story

Part 2

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MB Love Story Part 3 by @NerdiliciousMee

you got... Princeton

Princeton:of course i want you!!Why are you asking stupid questions?!?!You:so now im stupid too Princeton:No...chill out why are you actin like this!This was not the girl i saw the day i met you...one of the best days of my life..You:i dont know im jus-Princeton:Youre jus concerned.. DONT BE im YOUR MAN let ME worry. i Love you.You:Wait..youre my man?..Prince:yes,and i thought you were my girlfriend You:......Prince:Babe are you there You:yes You start crying. Prince:Now whats wrong sweetie?You:*smiling*You told mee that you love mee... Princeton:yes i DO!! You:mee too so i sorry for gettin pissed I'll call you later Princeton:wait kiss mee through phone You:REALLY!! (laughs)okay You kiss him through the phone and he kisses back You:Byee Prince Princeton:Byeee i love you!! You:mee too You were jus about to hang up but you heard MB's voice in the background.Prince forgot to hang up,so you were bein nosy and started listening.Roc:Man,you got girl problems my girl,Amber we jus two love birds ..and she knows she loves me!..Princeton:Roc be quiet me and my girl do not have problems she loves mee too RayRay:*saracastic*uh-huh whateva you say Princeton;Why are yall in my busines anyway?!?! Prod:yeah yall...but me girl Dria we didnt have that much problems RayRay;IKR same for me and Caroline Princeton;We dont have problems we FIXED it!! and now she is girl i wanna be with the girl i fell in love with sooo yeah maybe we get into confusions and have a little problems but i looove her and i want her to be my girl for life and now im gonna-You hung up the phone not to ruin the surprise you were SUPER POOPER happy again and NO ONE could ruin that!!....Stay Tuned for Part 4 see what happens next!!sorry if this one was short too i dont have that much cliffhangers lolz

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You wake up from your dream of Princeton smiling and actin all lovie dubby who head down stairs and you dont cuss out ur family member when they ask stupid questions(i still would lolz)your sister asks why u all HAPPY?!?!i jus cant be happy about mii life Sister:*laughs*NOO!!not at your age!!You:Fine..im in love with this boy Mom:A boy?!?!whats his name?? You:Princeton Mom:from school?? You:nooo from mindless behavior Mom:MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!! didnt i tell you not to go!!She gets mad Mom:Why did you???You:i didnt- She interupted you i dont wanna hear it go your room!!You:ughhhYou run up to your room close the door and start crying.You were really mad and wanted to go ham you felt sad for Princeton and knew that he would forgive you so u knew getting an attitude would not make this situation better.You called you friends later on that day when you cooled downYou:mii mom found out about prince Caroline:What did she say You:she got mad Amber:Im sooo sorry You:Dont be yall had fun at the arcade right?? Dria:yea...but You:but what?? Dria:MB wasnt there.. You get mad and tell your friends that youll call them back later.You hang up and call Princeton.Princeton:Heey i missed you You:Why didnt you go to the arcade today Princeton;im sorry i had a performance,but you still had a great time right?You:i didnt go mii mom got mad at me Princeton:Then why are you soo mad You:because what if i did go i would have thought you stood me up Princeton:i woulda neva do that You:im jus sayin..can u answer this question ..do u want mee or not?!..Stay tuned for Part 2!!sorry if this part was short!

what will you get?

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MB Love Story Part 1 by @NerdiliciousMee

you got... Prizzy!!

You wake up to get ready to go to school and work on your work and you hear MB is comin to your state you get all exicited and call your friends (@MBCrazy1 as Dria,and @NerdiliciousMee as Amber,@MindlessBaybee as Caroline follow them) You:Guess What Amber :I dont care Dria:Lyric be quiet... what Amber?? You:MB is comin to our STATE!!You all scream Caroline:You guys are hurtin mii ears You all laugh and say you you'll talk to them later .You call your mom and say mom MB is comin to mii state can i see them she says noo with no emotion youre so mad you wanna go mindless ninja mode her but u cant soo later that day you went to the mall with Amber,Caroline and Dria while yall were walkin you see MB so u ran to the nearest store but turns out MB was goin in to that store you tried to act natural but your friends blew it!!They were in shock so were you but before you knew it MB was already flirtin with yall RayRay was flirtin with Caroline,Prodigy was flirtin with Dria,and Roc was flirtin with Amber and you were pissed cause they were flirtin with yall and you couldnt even get out of shock yet you looked at Princeton and he was lookin at you biting his lip you hit a fake smile and tried to rush out the store as far as you could but he grabbed you wrist and said you leaving already You:im sorry i- Princeton interupted you by puttin his finger over your lips why dont you stay a little while your friends seem to be havin a good time and youre pretty cute..You:(blushes)okay.. ill stay for a while you guys have fun you sing and show tthem some dance moves their impressed you looked at your watch and saw it was gettin late you said that you had to go and left with your friends but before you could get out the door princeton screamed wait,how can i contact you to see if you may be my #1 girl or not you gave him your phone number and went home and your friends got dropped off later that Princeton called you and yall were talkin and you asked Princeton why did i fall for you he said no i think u got it wrong its why am I fallin for you You:awww Princeton:ikno and i really like you cause youre kinda shy and i like confident girls but i like you just the way you are You:im not That shy jus around peope i dont kno i be actin a fool around mii friends Princeton:(laughs)*saracastic*uh-huh You:*smiling*be quiet prince before we get off the phone wanna go to the Arcade tommorow with mii friends Princeton:yepp You:ok byeee wait u hang up first Princeton:no you You:okay byee*laughs*jk but seriously byee Princeton:Bye .You couldnt help but dream about him the whole night .*next day*...stay tuned for Part 2 and follow @NerdiliciousMee!

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